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The Way of the Wharves Project

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This blog is produced by members of the Volunteer group who are keeping a record of the development of the project and writing posts about key findings, happenings and events during the year. We will be sharing photographs, documents and the Story of the Wharves as it unfolds.

Copyright - we want to find the owners/creators of photographs and materials published here that we have found in public collections or that have been sent to us directly.
If you are the owner/creator or know the owner, please contact us so that material can be removed if it is unauthorised or your permission can be granted to continue to publish it here. All materials are solely for project and educational use and are not for commercial use.

13th November

Events Posted on Tue, November 15, 2016 16:38

Photos of the Share Your Stories display, put together by the volunteers and people looking at the comprehensive information books compiled by Bob, about the history of the Wharves and surrounding area. Thank you to the volunteers, Mike and John, Bob and Stef for all their help on the afternoon.

Events during October and November

Events Posted on Tue, November 15, 2016 16:27

22nd October The Talk on the Royal Hotel was well attended with a tour by Margaret, the head receptionist and talk by her husband, David, who has been researching the history.

24th October The Family fun day, with Swords and Spindles, was enjoyed by the families that attended it. learning about the history of the 1600s through a range of activities.

29th/30th October and 12th November Brunswick Wharf: The Golden Age This was an outdoor performance by the Monday Collective, who depicted small scenes thinking about the history of the wharves and East the Water during a walk across the bridge, along the Tarka Trail and to the site of the wharves.

13th November we had another Share Your Stories and walks event with two walks and our display boards and photos set out in the Kingsley Room at the Royal Hotel. The walks were fully booked and Bob and his wife, Stef, took the people on his interesting walk before bringing them back for a warming cup of tea and look at the displays.