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The Way of the Wharves Project

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This blog is produced by members of the Volunteer group who are keeping a record of the development of the project and writing posts about key findings, happenings and events during the year. We will be sharing photographs, documents and the Story of the Wharves as it unfolds.

Copyright - we want to find the owners/creators of photographs and materials published here that we have found in public collections or that have been sent to us directly.
If you are the owner/creator or know the owner, please contact us so that material can be removed if it is unauthorised or your permission can be granted to continue to publish it here. All materials are solely for project and educational use and are not for commercial use.

28th July

News Posted on Mon, August 01, 2016 18:18

Last Thursday we had a session to plan further the event on 24th August. Two new volunteers came along to join in. Some volunteers have been working on a design for a logo for promotional material and to be used on a banner. This was discussed and ideas for the display in the Kingsley Room of the Royal Hotel. Photos of the Wharves will be projected onto a screen and put in a folder for people to look at. There will be a book for writing contact details and any comments.

The route of the Walk was discussed and whether it is accessible for those in a mobillity scooter. They may have to go onto the Tarka Trail at a slightly different entrance than Emberry’s Drang but not far away.

After a cup of tea, the list of people who are already potential “story tellers” was looked through to see who would go to record them. Some are already known to some volunteers so they will go to see them. The volunteers prefer to go in pairs so will arrange this when setting a suitable date to visit, in due course.

14th July

News Posted on Fri, July 15, 2016 11:31

At our session on 14th July we went on a practice guided walk, led by Bob Kirby. Bob has done a lot of research into the local history at East-the-Water and has set up a very comprehensive website with lots of very readable information. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and Bob took us to various points along the route of the wharves and told us about some of the natural history, industry, buildings, shipping and local people. He really did an excellent interesting presentation and we learnt a lot. The hour went very quickly and as we finished at the old railway station was followed up by a lovely cup of tea at ‘Tea on the Train’, an old railway carriage.

The first guided walks will take place on Wednesday 24th August 5pm and 7pm, as part of our ‘Share your Stories’ session (see post below). Come a long for a fascinating walk.

Oral History Interview

News Posted on Tue, July 05, 2016 23:14

Two of us visited someone who has lived at East the Water for 77 years, all his life, having been born there. He had also worked at the paint mine at East the Water.

When we arrived we had a friendly chat to put us all at ease and set up the recorder ready. After an initial test, we set the recorder going and the other lady asked the gentleman the questions that were already prepared. He told us about some of the things he could remember about his childhood at East the Water and on the wharves, some of the businesses on the wharves and a bit about his work.

After he had finished, we stopped the recording and saved it. A slight technical hitch followed while I tried to remember how to get the right page to change the title but got there after a while. The recording was then saved with the project initials and interviewee’s name to make it easier to find in the future. We listened to the recording with the gentleman to make sure he was happy with it before thanking him and leaving.

9th June Oral History Training

News Posted on Wed, June 22, 2016 19:02

Dave Green came to show us how to interview members of the public that have stories to tell about the wharves and life at East the Water years ago. We learnt to use voice and video recorders on mobile phones (with the sim cards taken out). We practised interviewing other volunteers in the group. Then we learnt to save and edit the information and interviews for future use on the Way Of The Wharves project.

Visit to Appledore Maritime Museum

News Posted on Wed, May 25, 2016 09:43

Monday 23 May
Sadie, Bob and John-Paul visited the archives at Appledore Maritime Museum to look through their wonderful collection of photographs and to see the model of an East The Water Wharf.
With the help of Jane at the museum, the volunteers managed to download an exciting array of historical images relevant to the research. A very worthwhile morning’s work.
Thank you Appledore Maritime Museum and Jane allowing us access to the archives.

Oral History Training

News Posted on Wed, May 25, 2016 09:09

Volunteers needed to learn how to collect stories and memories

We are looking for more volunteer helpers who live in Bideford Town Centre or East the Water to join us. Your help is needed to talk to people in your neighbourhood and record their stories; research and collect old documents and photos; plan workshops, walks and talks; write blog and Facebook posts or just make the tea and be an extra pair of hands.

We are building an historical timeline and have carried out some fascinating research visits already. In June we are recruiting volunteers to receive training to help collect local stories and memories of activity on the Wharves. FREE training sessions on June 9th and 23rd are running in Bideford from 2-4.30pm. Learn how to use audio and other equipment; how to download edit and save files and the do’s and don’ts of oral history. Expenses will be available to visit people and record their stories over the Summer months, once training has been completed.

Volunteers meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month from 2-4pm – our next sessions are June 9th, June 23rd, July 14th and July 28th at Ethelwynne Brown Close, Bideford. This project has funder’s requirements, so we are particularly looking for people who live in the Town centre or at East-the-Water to take part.

If you would like to join the volunteer team or have information to share about the history of the Wharves, please contact Project Co-ordinator Sadie Green at or phone 07530 508676. Also visit and ‘like’ our facebook page for updates and events at

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