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The Way of the Wharves Project

About the blog

This blog is produced by members of the Volunteer group who are keeping a record of the development of the project and writing posts about key findings, happenings and events during the year. We will be sharing photographs, documents and the Story of the Wharves as it unfolds.

Copyright - we want to find the owners/creators of photographs and materials published here that we have found in public collections or that have been sent to us directly.
If you are the owner/creator or know the owner, please contact us so that material can be removed if it is unauthorised or your permission can be granted to continue to publish it here. All materials are solely for project and educational use and are not for commercial use.

The Wharves

I didn't know that! Posted on Mon, July 25, 2016 22:31

Photographs from Bideford Library collection showing the Wharves buildings
top left 1935
top right giant photo card from a Frith photo (East the Water on the right side of river)
bottom left East the Water in foreground looking down on Wharves
bottom right boat working in river with Wharves in background

The Railway

I didn't know that! Posted on Tue, July 19, 2016 12:53

Photograph (no date) showing the railway and carriages at the goods yard, East-the-Water. The second photo is from the 1930’s showing two ship hulks and a bus going up the Old Barnstaple Road with the railway line showing alongside. The Railway from Barnstaple to East-the-Water was opened in November 1855 with a station, quay and large goods depot where the Ethelwynne Brown estate is now. For more information see

photographs courtesy of Bideford library archive.

17th July Training

I didn't know that! Posted on Mon, July 18, 2016 11:45

Sadie very kindly came and gave me extra training on uploading documents from the Dropbox onto the blog so that I can update it with documents and photos that the other volunteers have been putting in there. When they have found photos or maps, documents etc they are filed in the Dropbox for future use and sharing. I will be updating the blog in due course with more information and photos. I also learnt more about creating an event on facebook for our walks and Share your stories on 24th August.

Peter Christie’s article in My Town magazine gives a brief history of the Wharves and one of our volunteers, Bob Kirby, has set up a website with lots of information, current and historical, about East-the-Water.

Article above by Peter Christie


I didn't know that! Posted on Mon, July 18, 2016 11:09

This is a map from 1842 showing the built up area along the Wharves.
photograph courtesy of Julian Roskilly.

The Wharves

I didn't know that! Posted on Sun, July 17, 2016 13:55

Here is a photo of a 3 masted ship at the wharves.
Photo courtesy of Bideford Library

East the Water website

I didn't know that! Posted on Tue, April 05, 2016 15:44

One of our volunteers Bob Kirby has produced a website about the history of East the Water
its here at

A great source of fascinating facts!