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The Way of the Wharves Project

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This blog is produced by members of the Volunteer group who are keeping a record of the development of the project and writing posts about key findings, happenings and events during the year. We will be sharing photographs, documents and the Story of the Wharves as it unfolds.

Copyright - we want to find the owners/creators of photographs and materials published here that we have found in public collections or that have been sent to us directly.
If you are the owner/creator or know the owner, please contact us so that material can be removed if it is unauthorised or your permission can be granted to continue to publish it here. All materials are solely for project and educational use and are not for commercial use.

Share Your Stories Event

Events Posted on Thu, September 01, 2016 11:49

Margaret and David writing their memories in a book. They are particularly researching the history of the Royal Hotel and we look forward to reading what they have written and hearing more from them.

Becky recording as Alan tells her all about the goods yard, that was where Ethelwynne Brown Close is now. The book is Branch Lines To Torrington, which has a clear photo of the goods yard and used to explain where the buildings etc were.

Photos of the Share Your Stories Event

Events Posted on Thu, September 01, 2016 11:40

Setting up the displays on the boards. Michael and Becky trying to get the sheets in the right place and order and straight -no easy task!

Wednesday 24th August

Events Posted on Mon, August 29, 2016 10:58

The Share Your Stories and Walks day!
Everybody had been working at home to prepare for the event and a team arrived at the Royal Hotel to set up at 3.30pm. After moving and getting extra tables and chairs, the projector was set up and the displays assembled on boards on the tables. This makes it sound easy but a lot of team work was involved and everybody worked well together under Sadie’s direction. Th room was ready by 5pm for visitors. The first of the walks, with Bob, left from the reception area to Ethelwynne Brown Close and over to the Tarka Trail. There was also another walk at 7pm and these were very popular and I’m sure more will take place at other events.

After their walk, many people came upstairs to look at the displays and also some were able to share their stories. I spoke to a lady who had moved here from the home counties and then found out she is a descendant of Sir Richard Grenville and I’m sure we will be talking to her again to record her story. There was also a man who worked on the boats on the river and I’m sure some more stories I didn’t hear but will do at our next volunteer session.

Several people came up that weren’t able to go on the walks. One person, Alan Wilkinson, who I knew, came and talked about his knowledge of the railway goods yard that was where Ethelwynne Brown Close is now. He was able to tell me about where everything was and what goods came into the town by rail – nearly everything before the road was used more. I was able to record his stories as the room was fairly quiet. Another was local man, Mayor of Shamwickshire, (an honorary title), David Fulford, who sat with Sadie and told her about his local knowledge. One man and his wife are researching the history of the Royal Hotel and will be holding a future talk about it. The event was held in the Kingsley Room, which has beautiful wooden panelling and an intricate plaster ceiling, both very old.

It was also good to be able to talk to some of the other volunteers, during the time, which we don’t get much time for at our sessions. The time went so quickly and we were busy most of the time that we didn’t even get out any biscuits to keep us going until the end.

When the event finished, we took down the displays and projector and left the room tidy. The Royal Hotel were helpful, as always, in assisting with the event. Our next group session is on Thursday 8th September and I’m sure we will review the event as well as planning the next ones.

11th August

Events Posted on Thu, August 18, 2016 16:01

Our meeting this week involved making final plans for the Share Your Stories and guided walks on the 24th August. David Green had produced a computer logo from the painting done by Lou. This can be used on posters and leaflets for the event. We also discussed the slide show and displays to be completed in time to show the Wharves and the role of the volunteers that would take part on the day. The walk at 7pm is fully booked and the 5pm one has a few spaces but filling up -on the eventbrite site. There may be people who just turn up as well.

In the second half of the session we looked through the event ideas and plans, that had been sent back from groups or people, that will take place later in the year or early next. These were covering a wide range of activities, such as art, music, walks, to involve different age groups. More details of these exciting events to follow at a later date.

The “Share Your Stories” is on Wednesday 24th August from 5-7.30pm at the Kingsley Room, The Royal Hotel, Bideford.

Details from our facebook event page

“Share your Stories” – Please come along with items of interest such as old photos and documents and your tales and memories of living and working along the Wharves and East the Water.

If you have stories to share and are willing to be recorded at a later date, we will follow up with you and arrange to see you on your own so we can listen to you properly and make an audio recording of your memories.
This will help us record the history of the local area and contribute to our community project.

28th July

News Posted on Mon, August 01, 2016 18:18

Last Thursday we had a session to plan further the event on 24th August. Two new volunteers came along to join in. Some volunteers have been working on a design for a logo for promotional material and to be used on a banner. This was discussed and ideas for the display in the Kingsley Room of the Royal Hotel. Photos of the Wharves will be projected onto a screen and put in a folder for people to look at. There will be a book for writing contact details and any comments.

The route of the Walk was discussed and whether it is accessible for those in a mobillity scooter. They may have to go onto the Tarka Trail at a slightly different entrance than Emberry’s Drang but not far away.

After a cup of tea, the list of people who are already potential “story tellers” was looked through to see who would go to record them. Some are already known to some volunteers so they will go to see them. The volunteers prefer to go in pairs so will arrange this when setting a suitable date to visit, in due course.

The Wharves

I didn't know that! Posted on Mon, July 25, 2016 22:31

Photographs from Bideford Library collection showing the Wharves buildings
top left 1935
top right giant photo card from a Frith photo (East the Water on the right side of river)
bottom left East the Water in foreground looking down on Wharves
bottom right boat working in river with Wharves in background

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